About the author

Heather KorolI’m Heather,

I’m a mother of three, a wife, a coffee-drinking writer, and Crossfitting, profanity-using, yoga dabbler. I like cookies over chips, and red wine over white. If you asked me about my favourite movie, I’d say, “I’m sure it was a book first.”


I dream.

I dream of having an uninterrupted shower and a ‘panic’ room – except I would call it a napping room.


I write.

I write funny, serious, good, bad, and inspiring stuff about life. Mostly mine. I think I am an optimist, but my gut says I’m a realist with a chance of optimism.


I speak.

I speak to all kinds of people. I tell them about my journey, and what I’ve learned, and I hope that some part of my story sounds like their story.


I believe.

I believe that everyone’s life is an adventure filled with soul-filling highs and heart breaking lows – sandwiched between a thousand days of the mundane; making lunches, ticking off the to-do list, emptying the dishwasher, doing the laundry and then falling into bed at night wondering if there is more to living? I believe most people are looking for a little bit more; a little more love, a little more health, a little more connection – and a little more happiness.


And I know.

I know that perspective is the greatest tool we have.


So come hang out with me, I promise not to be too pushy, while I ask you to look at your life from a different perspective, and pick your own Slice Of Happy.


Happy Slice Everyone.