Pick Your Slice

Pick Your Slice 1While the world is bombarding you with messages to find balance, I’m asking you to find focus. I’m asking you not to seek perfection or betterment in every area of your life, but to find profound fulfillment in one area at a time.
“When we try to be all things to all people, we lose our sense of self. The quest to find “balance” in our lives is a misguided attempt at stomping on our passions, our desires, and the very essence that makes a person who they are. For me, finding focus has made me happier.”


This is why I wrote, A Slice of Happy. I realized I couldn’t “have it all” (at once) and I was exhausted from trying. I looked at all the areas of my life and asked myself, “Which one is screaming at me for attention? Which one makes me feel excited when I think about focusing on it?”


There are eight slices to the life-pie; health, wealth, family, relationship, community, career, spiritualism (or personal growth), and the leisure slice. Some slices pull at you to nourish your body, other slices appeal to your mind and some will directly affect your soul – that internal part of you that whispers in the night, ‘you should be painting portraits, or designing buildings or healing the sick.’ Each slice conjuring ideas or images of where, or how, you envision your life unfolding.


Life Pie

Pick your slice

When I thought about picking my slice, I knew didn’t want to focus on an area of life that would make other people happy, I wanted to focus a slice that would make me feel happier. I also knew there were slices that needed attention from a logical stand point, (I needed more money) but choosing a slice from logic didn’t feel like it would fix the unease that was overtaking my days.


My “chosen” slice would need to feel right on three levels:


  1. It needed to give me a feeling of accomplishment; a hand clapping, big goal feeling – which I called Hollywood happiness.
  2.  It needed to give me a sense of immersion in a given task; a sense that time was standing still while I was engrossed in the process of whatever slice I chose. I called this, engaged happiness.
  3. It also needed to give me an over-all sense of fulfillment, a whole body peacefulness. I wanted to feel a mini-euphoria that symbolized in my heart that what I was doing was right. I called this heavenly happiness.


Body, mind, soul – satisfying your desire for those three levels of happiness is the biggest part of picking your slice. Choosing to focus on one slice will not eliminate the responsibilities in your day, but it will give you the permission to allow those other slices to slip to the background while you indulge in one area that could offer you a life changing perspective.


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