1.   Having a purpose in life is second only to your need for oxygen and water. In the next 50 years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to steal my purpose.   According to a recent post, (…/heres-when-machines-will-take-your-jo…) AI will be able to write a New York Times bestseller in the next 27 years; become a surgeon in the next 35 years, and perform all human labour jobs in the next 125 years.   I was twelve years old when Skynet… Read More
  2. I love goals; write a book, become an investment advisor, open an art studio, climb a mountain – all great reasons to get out of bed in the morning or stay up late to accomplish something. If they were a food, they would be the dessert of life. Goals are the big visions you have for yourself, wrapped in a giant hug of emotional fulfilment.   But goals are easy.   Easy to think about, easy to write down, and… Read More
  3. Waiting at the ACC for the start of the Queen Concert. Yesterday I cried. Just a little. I could feel my throat tightening, and little salty pools building in the corners of my eyes threatening to spill over as I clapped my hands. I teetered on the edge of an air sucking, snot inducing sob. No one noticed because everyone around me swayed and cheered and fist pumped the air. Fat tears rolled down my cheeks as I wiped them… Read More