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  2. Holy crap, they’re here. One hundred books, in four boxes, from the UPS guy. Well, not really from the UPS guy, but he carried them to the porch and kind of looked at me like I should help. I didn’t. I just smiled. Or beamed. Or I might have crapped my pants because two years into telling people, “Oh, me? I’m writing a book.” or “What do I do? I’m a writer.” and today there are boxes filled with books… Read More
  3. A Slice of Happy ~ Because the Whole Pie is Overrated. Helping overworked and overwhelmed moms know they are not alone in their quest to find perspective, relax, and enjoy a bit more happiness along the way. Click here… Read More
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  5. To-do lists are bad math.  Each item on a to-do list doesn’t equal one item, it equals TEN. A to-do list with three things on it, takes 30 steps to accomplish it. It’s just bad math. Last week I got pulled over by the police. At the time, I stopped fully at a stop sign, and proceeded driving the speed limit in the school zone. His lights came on and I pulled over. The day was already harried and now… Read More