A Slice of Happy – Because the Whole Pie is Overrated..

A Slice of Happy is in it’s final stages of completion.  This does not mean that there is a book you can read or touch or even see – yet.  I’ve waited half my life to write a  book and after submitting the final work for editing, I now know why it’s taken so long.  Writing a book sucks.

If there was anything easy about the process, I have relagated it to the back of my mind only to be resurrected before I die.  On my death bed, I might say something like this,

These are my children jumping on the world’s largest breast implant. Weeee!

“If you ever thought about writing a book, do it. But, drink coffee every morning so you can stay awake at your day job and drink wine every night so you can forget how shitty tomorrow is going to feel.”

This was an effort far greater than a multi-day adventure race, far more taxing than birthing three babies and far more damaging to my ego than a group of high school girls.

Now I shall wait for the right publisher to embrace my Slice and lay it at your mercy.

Tomorrow I will start on my second book – A Slice of Nap.


That's Right. I Yell at My Kids.