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  1.   Having a purpose in life is second only to your need for oxygen and water. In the next 50 years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to steal my purpose.   According to a recent post, (…/heres-when-machines-will-take-your-jo…) AI will be able to write a New York Times bestseller in the next 27 years; become a surgeon in the next 35 years, and perform all human labour jobs in the next 125 years.   I was twelve years old when Skynet… Read More
  2. Do you Mother’s Day? I suck at Mother’s Day. I’m not sure if I suck more at doing something nice for my mother, or at trying to be grateful that my kids made a card and poem out of crap I bought at the dollar store the week before. It’s confusing. I’m supposed to care right? But I don’t. And before you tell me I’m depressed, or I need therapy, or I’m a selfish curmudgeon mother (okay, I kind of… Read More
  3. It’s quiet here now. Earlier this evening, my five year old bounced into bed with excitement for her first day of grade one tomorrow. My two older girls, (entering grade five, and grade seven) had a hard time getting to sleep. More pressure, more anxiety to fit in, and of course the great wonder of which class they will be unceremoniously placed in – leading to an evening discussion of either animated joy, or saddened wonderment as to why they… Read More
  4. Let’s say you’re trying to figure out what to focus on in your life, but even the thought of picking a slice or a goal feels overwhelming – I offer this small, maybe helpful suggestion: Get one garbage bag. Pick one area (a drawer, a cupboard, or a shelf). Throw sh*t out. This exercise is outstanding for clearing your head. You may still not have a clue which slice you want to pursue but boy it feels good to heave… Read More
  5. “Girls! Get in the car!” “Where are we going?” “The gas station.” “I LOVE the gas station!!” Says Fiona, who is five. But the weird thing is, they all do. They love getting in the car with mommy, because the gas station means a little treat for all of us – a chocolate bar – or candy, or some terrifying corn syrup-y, crappy lick thing that they like. And then we drive. We don’t go anywhere special. We just drive… Read More