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  1. I read books and do crossword puzzles on my phone. I also play scrabble if I can. My kids say, “Mom, are you playing your nerd games?” To which I respond, “Yes, because nerd games are fun.” I also seem to have a nerd gene for writing down my goals. I usually use a dollar store notebook and a new page to track each day. Then I schlep this flimsy notebook filled with my soul lifting dreams everywhere; only to… Read More
  2. This morning my 5 year old daughter asked for bacon and eggs for breakfast. I literally dropped what I was doing to make sure I started getting them ready before she decided it would be so much easier to eat some cereal. She said, “Eggs and bacon are good protein right?” I said, “Yes. Good protein and fat.” Then she went on to tell me ‘that her older sister didn’t like to eat fat.’ This made me feel exasperated. I… Read More
  3. Maybe you want to talk about laundry? I do. And you’re gonna say, “Again? You always talk, complain, post pics and then complain more about doing the laundry.” And I’ll say, “You’re right.” So I’m changing the conversation. Here’s how it went. “Okay guys, ALL of the laundry is now done. See? No more dirty laundry in the baskets, or the washer or anywhere! Cool huh?”
 No response. “Good. I’m glad you feel as relieved as I do. Now, starting… Read More
  4. “Mommy, I’m hungry!” and this is where it starts. My five year old seems to be endlessly hungry, but as soon as she has had three bites, “Mommy, I’m full. My tummy hurts.”   She is my stomach kid. There are days of inexplicable tummy pain. Endless weeks of checking whether she is pooping properly and a reality game show of trying to figure out which foods, times of day, or school events are setting off this seemingly endless range… Read More
  5. I love goals; write a book, become an investment advisor, open an art studio, climb a mountain – all great reasons to get out of bed in the morning or stay up late to accomplish something. If they were a food, they would be the dessert of life. Goals are the big visions you have for yourself, wrapped in a giant hug of emotional fulfilment.   But goals are easy.   Easy to think about, easy to write down, and… Read More