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  1. I promise this isn’t a Mother’s Day post about how ten years ago a bundle of love entered the world and I became a mother; days filled with baby sweetness, and years of heart melting awe and blah, blah, blah. No, this post is about what I’ve dreamed about since that day our first bundle of love was born.   A mini-van.   I know. What a crappy dream.   But have you ever jammed three car seats in the… Read More
  2. It’s here. Every year I write an annual list of things that don’t (or shouldn’t) matter heading into the new year. The 2013 and 2014 lists had ten things – but given the shrinking attention span of the universe, I’ve cut it to seven.   #7 Protein Shakes   I’m going to anger a lot of giant-shaky-cup people that consume this oft stinky drink with zeal but let’s be honest, there are a thousand-million protein shakes to choose from –… Read More
  3. Recently a friend of mine confided in me about her book club.   “Heather, I’m in a book club where you have to read the book and if you don’t finish it they are offended. Seriously offended. Your name goes a list and then if you end up on the list too many times, you’re asked to leave the group. These are heavy books – like examining existentialism and I don’t know, literary musings of the literate.”   “Really? Is… Read More
  4. Cathy Jackson enjoying a Slice. It’s not when you hit “publish” that feels surreal, it’s the day that someone tells you, “I finished your book last night.”   I’ve heard lots of wonderful, amazing comments and reviews from people. They like the honest way I talk about my relationship with my husband; they are tickled to see a picture of my disastrous linen closet and some people have even cried a little. But, there are some people that say nothing… Read More
  5. Dare I be offended by the recent viral blog post about people who are late?           Yes, being consistently late is rude, and yes, you should strive to respect other people’s time but what bothers me about this post is that it doesn’t address the root of the problem. Lateness is not about a lack of respect for other people’s time but a lack of respect for oneself. When your plate is full with work, kids,… Read More