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  1. Dare I be offended by the recent viral blog post about people who are late?           Yes, being consistently late is rude, and yes, you should strive to respect other people’s time but what bothers me about this post is that it doesn’t address the root of the problem. Lateness is not about a lack of respect for other people’s time but a lack of respect for oneself. When your plate is full with work, kids,… Read More
  2. This is horrifying. Please don’t let this be you. The shower is my sacred place. Steamy, hot water, muffled sound reception and wonderful unencumbered alone time; it’s the metaphoric equivalent of returning to the womb.   When the door is closed and the hot water is flowing, the answers to “life questions” pop into my brain. I can sense my misplaced passport, my new book title surfaces to my conscious mind and if it’s hot enough, I’m Icarus filled with… Read More
  3. Sometimes, both are true. Do you let your kids sleep in your bed?   Do they kick you in the side? The back? The head? Are they 18 months old or three years old? Are they seven and afraid of the dark? Or are they twelve, and need a snuggle?   Are you depriving yourself of a good night sleep? Are you damaging them for life?   Yes. No. Maybe. Who knows.   Around 3:30am our little stinker climbs onto… Read More
  4. Yesterday I was at the gym. A woman I know from racing was there. Somehow we started talking about her father and how he suffered from Alzheimer’s and passed away at the age of 90.   There were many thoughts in my head. Alzheimer’s sucks; losing a parent sucks no matter what age; and wonderment – how old was she that her father was ninety?   She is super fit, with beautiful skin and a lovely smile – so it… Read More
  5. While the world is bombarding you with messages to find balance, I’m asking you to find focus. I’m asking you not to seek perfection or betterment in every area of your life, but to find profound happiness in one area at a time.   “When we try to be all things to all people, we lose our sense of self. The quest to find “balance” in our lives is a misguided attempt at stomping on our passions, our desires, and… Read More