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  1. I get excited about being invited to someone’s house for a party. I look forward to the evening. I buy a nice bottle of wine, choose a fancy outfit and of course, select a pair of shoes to match my ‘look’. Here’s where it gets tricky. Upon arriving at the party, I see a stack, nay a pile of discarded shoes littered in the foyer. Heels, stylish boots, kitten pumps and an array of leathery man-shoes abandoned slip-shod like they… Read More
  2.             Click below to listen to a quick 10 minute interview with 97.7 The Beach Mariane McLeod and Heather Korol as they talk about the book A Slice of Happy. Click here to Listen to interview. Or you can cut and paste the below link into your browser.… Read More
  3. “Bunk beds? Are we in prison?” Ha.I turned my head to see who was talking but they disappeared along the darkened forest trail. I chuckled as I thought about the skinny mattresses, communal showers, cafeteria line-ups and the number of dirty, uncensored women in a remote location without five-bar connection. OMG she was right. This wasn’t a retreat; it was an episode of Orange is the New Black. Except… it wasn’t. In fact, the FallFit Women’s Weekend had nothing to… Read More
  4. Holy crap, they’re here. One hundred books, in four boxes, from the UPS guy. Well, not really from the UPS guy, but he carried them to the porch and kind of looked at me like I should help. I didn’t. I just smiled. Or beamed. Or I might have crapped my pants because two years into telling people, “Oh, me? I’m writing a book.” or “What do I do? I’m a writer.” and today there are boxes filled with books… Read More
  5. A Slice of Happy ~ Because the Whole Pie is Overrated. Helping overworked and overwhelmed moms know they are not alone in their quest to find perspective, relax, and enjoy a bit more happiness along the way. Click here… Read More