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  1. To-do lists are bad math.  Each item on a to-do list doesn’t equal one item, it equals TEN. A to-do list with three things on it, takes 30 steps to accomplish it. It’s just bad math. Last week I got pulled over by the police. At the time, I stopped fully at a stop sign, and proceeded driving the speed limit in the school zone. His lights came on and I pulled over. The day was already harried and now… Read More
  2. Some families have a chore board or a swear jar — we have a yelling chart. Two days ago my oldest came downstairs and explained how it worked. “The Chart” before Monday morning. One block for yelling at someone. Only sixteen blocks allowed per day. A different colour for each person. My colour is green and my daughter reminds me, (like I need reminding) that less blocks are better. “Get your pants on please.” I tell my oldest in a… Read More
  3. A Slice of Happy is in it’s final stages of completion.  This does not mean that there is a book you can read or touch or even see – yet.  I’ve waited half my life to write a  book and after submitting the final work for editing, I now know why it’s taken so long.  Writing a book sucks. If there was anything easy about the process, I have relagated it to the back of my mind only to be… Read More