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Everybody’s a motivational speaker these days. You can’t open Facebook without meeting someone who’s scaled Everest without oxygen or Sherpas…or pants. You name it, it’s been done.


I’ve done some pretty exciting stuff in my life, but I’ve also spent a lot of time getting the laundry folded. So, if you believe that living life to it’s fullest is not just about seeking the highest mountain, or accruing the biggest pile of money but understanding what makes you feel happiness on a level that makes your life better, then I’m the speaker for your event. My promise is to entertain you while I give you tangible ideas for your own journey.


I’ve been speaking to groups large and small for twenty years, and my insights come from working with real people, everyday. I offer entertaining and informative seminars that help you find your own slice of happy. If this sounds good, then let’s get together and scale a few mountains in your backyard – with our pants on.


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