Keynote Address

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Overworked? Overwhelmed? Under-happy?


“Our Happiness is masked by the struggle to balance the competing forces in our lives”


Best selling author Heather Korol, will entertain you with her story of a
woman who went from entrepreneurial know-it-all, to overworked, mom of
three that just couldn’t do-it-all. Heather’s insights into our desire to “have it
all” will challenge you to find personal perspective, and offer you one simple
step to manage the chaos in your day, and add focus to your life.
Pick your slice, change your life.


FAT GOT YOUR TONGUE? Exercise, nutrition and your health demystified.


If you’ve picked your health slice to focus on, Heather can give you practical and sage advice on getting to your goal.” Janet Whitney


A member of Canada’s National track and field team, an All-American graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and twenty years experience as a trainer and health advocate, Heather has the answers you’ve been looking for when it comes to making a change in your health. Whether it’s carbs or calories, hormones or motivation – she has worked with hundreds of clients to get them the results they want!


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