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Pick Your Slice ~ Change Your Life workshop will teach you EXACTLY how to eliminate the noise of your ‘to-do’ list, and constant pressure of your “should-list” to focus on one area that will transform the way you live.


  • Unclear on which slice you should give your focus?
  • Feel uncomfortable choosing one slice and letting others drift into the background?
  • Already have an idea where you should be focusing your attention but aren’t sure how to get started?


My interactive Pick Your Slice ~ Change Your Life workshop will teach you how get clear on what makes you happy and help you eliminate the ‘stuff’ that is weighing you down. A successful transformation will free you from trying “to have it all” to reconnecting with “what you love to have”. It will challenge you to find the “you” that lived fearlessly, happily, before your pie became so busy. Picking one slice will simplify your life. It’s that easy.


When you enroll in the Pick Your Slice ~ Change Your Life workshop, you are gifting yourself with:


  1.  An opportunity to process the thoughts and ideas you have about moving your life in a better or new direction.
  2.  The permission to say, “It’s okay to focus on me and my needs.”
  3.  A simple guided program and corresponding template to move your ideas forward and fulfill the best vision you have of yourself.
  4.  The accountability and guidance needed to move past the habits and behaviors that have kept you from taking action before.
  5.  A complete understanding of the overall process so you can repeat this at any time in your life.


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