1. This is horrifying. Please don’t let this be you. The shower is my sacred place. Steamy, hot water, muffled sound reception and wonderful unencumbered alone time; it’s the metaphoric equivalent of returning to the womb.   When the door is closed and the hot water is flowing, the answers to “life questions” pop into my brain. I can sense my misplaced passport, my new book title surfaces to my conscious mind and if it’s hot enough, I’m Icarus filled with… Read More
  2. “Bunk beds? Are we in prison?” Ha.I turned my head to see who was talking but they disappeared along the darkened forest trail. I chuckled as I thought about the skinny mattresses, communal showers, cafeteria line-ups and the number of dirty, uncensored women in a remote location without five-bar connection. OMG she was right. This wasn’t a retreat; it was an episode of Orange is the New Black. Except… it wasn’t. In fact, the FallFit Women’s Weekend had nothing to… Read More
  3. (Explicit language advisory.) Well, I lost my shit tonight. I yelled at the neighbour’s teenaged son for driving a thousand miles an hour on our street while I was walking with my daughter. I called him out in my, “I’m a parent, I’m an adult, I know better than you” yell-y, kind of way. It wasn’t pretty. I lost it because I have three kids and I try so hard to protect them. I lost it because I’m tired and… Read More