Having a purpose in life is second only to your need for oxygen and water. In the next 50 years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to steal my purpose.

According to a recent post, (http://bigthink.com/…/heres-when-machines-will-take-your-jo…AI will be able to write a New York Times bestseller in the next 27 years; become a surgeon in the next 35 years, and perform all human labour jobs in the next 125 years.




I was twelve years old when Skynet and the TERMINATOR took over the world, and while the concept was edge-of-your-seat crazy-cool, it seemed like it might take a 1000 years to come to fruition. Now, I have 25 years to write a book worthy of the NYT bestseller list?

What should I be prepping my kids for? Coding? Space travel? Fighting cyborgs? Will there be how-to manuals on ‘living with your cyborg’ and the ‘five languages of AI love’? I can’t even get my kids to remember where they put their shoes – how am I going to prep them for a future where they have to do less?

According to this link,

https://www.fastcompany.com/…/these-will-be-the-top-jobs-in…   ,  there are a few areas that are still worth pursuing.

  1. Software Developer (no shit)
    Where you create applications that manage and make sense of the vast amounts of information and data we now process.
  2. Caregiving
    While some jobs will be automated sooner than others, there will still be a need for medical technicians, physiotherapists, and medical assistants. Our aging population need more care and robot claw is not going to help with some of the more personal care needs required by the elderly.
  3. Social intelligence and New Media Literacy.
    If you can understand how to communicate effectively with people across new media platforms, you’ll be employed. Think of a marketing specialist that knows how all the new platforms work…like your twelve year old kid.
  4. Life Long Learning
    It’s anticipated that education and training will see growth in the next decade. Consider the number of video and online learning application already in place, for some this is already their preferred learning style.

I guess for some, their purpose will be to fight AI, for others it will be find a purpose within Skynet’s new world order.
This will be my new book: EAT-PRAY-CODE. One Woman’s Search for Everything ~ Across Italy, India and AI.