Holy crap, they’re here.

One hundred books, in four boxes, from the UPS guy. Well, not really from the UPS guy, but he carried them to the porch and kind of looked at me like I should help. I didn’t. I just smiled. Or beamed. Or I might have crapped my pants because two years into telling people, “Oh, me? I’m writing a book.” or “What do I do? I’m a writer.” and today there are boxes filled with books stacked up in my house that might actually make what I’ve been saying, true.

I wrote a book (and besides the one I am clutching in my hand), the other ninety-nine are sitting in my living room. Or the room that should be a living room but is really a place where the kids watch TV and vandalize my couch with markers and cheesy-puff smears.  But don’t let me get distracted.

Here’s how the big event unfolded on this, Friday September 12th, 2014.

3:11pm: UPS truck rolls up.

3:12pm: The boxes land on my porch.

3:13pm: Anxiously, I use my keys to rip through the packing tape to get my hands on a book.

3:14pm: I hold one up with relief and an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. Mark takes pictures. I smile joyously.

3:15pm: Mark leaves to get the kids at the bus stop.

3:16pm: I get in my car to make it to my 3:30pm appt.

And that’s it. Two and a half years boiled down to five minutes of joy, anxiety, pride, rapture and euphoria and then it’s back to life. After only a few moments of holding my crowning achievement in my hands; the rest of humanity kept barrelling along. No pause, no applause; just a tiny wrinkle in the day’s schedule.

There’s clearly some undefined moment when you realize that unless the world explodes (which there was potential during today’s solar storm) there would be a real book, a book-book that existed at the finish line of this epic haul. At some point during the process of climbing my personal Mt. Everest, I knew I would get to the peak; I would cross that finish line. I can say with absolute conviction that this journey was 1% about standing at the top, waving my flag of achievement and 99% about making the climb. So, if you are working on any personal goal; scaling your own Everest, I can tell you the finish line feels utterly fantastic but the real story is the journey it took to get there. So, keep creating your story, keep climbing that mountain because one day before you know it, you will cross the finish line.

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