1. Um yah. Ooooh yah. First, let me get the rating out of the way. I give Magic Mike XXL ten stars and about a million fresh, turgid tomatoes. It was the DisneyLand for forty-something married women. It was the Nascar of Penis; the Oscars of Pelvic Grind. This movie did not disappoint for one moment. While Channing Tatum and the Magic Mike crew performed their dances of sweaty glory, I laughed to the point of tears, and rolled forward slapping… Read More
  2. I promise this isn’t a Mother’s Day post about how ten years ago a bundle of love entered the world and I became a mother; days filled with baby sweetness, and years of heart melting awe and blah, blah, blah. No, this post is about what I’ve dreamed about since that day our first bundle of love was born.   A mini-van.   I know. What a crappy dream.   But have you ever jammed three car seats in the… Read More
  3. Recently a friend of mine confided in me about her book club.   “Heather, I’m in a book club where you have to read the book and if you don’t finish it they are offended. Seriously offended. Your name goes a list and then if you end up on the list too many times, you’re asked to leave the group. These are heavy books – like examining existentialism and I don’t know, literary musings of the literate.”   “Really? Is… Read More
  4. Yesterday I was at the gym. A woman I know from racing was there. Somehow we started talking about her father and how he suffered from Alzheimer’s and passed away at the age of 90.   There were many thoughts in my head. Alzheimer’s sucks; losing a parent sucks no matter what age; and wonderment – how old was she that her father was ninety?   She is super fit, with beautiful skin and a lovely smile – so it… Read More
  5. While the world is bombarding you with messages to find balance, I’m asking you to find focus. I’m asking you not to seek perfection or betterment in every area of your life, but to find profound happiness in one area at a time.   “When we try to be all things to all people, we lose our sense of self. The quest to find “balance” in our lives is a misguided attempt at stomping on our passions, our desires, and… Read More